Lauren Stratton

Lauren, a student with a double major in photography and illustration, makes wicked art. Her doodles are full of life and her photos are full of wonder. When asked to describe her art style she states "I love to make dreamy photographs. As for illustration, I make whatever I feel like making. I suppose you could say it is monochromatic for the most part." While looking through her pieces one thing is for sure, they're never boring.

And where does this bright young thing see herself in the future? "I have a lot of goals and the future is wide open right now. I'm planning on moving to a big dirty city after I graduate--I'd love to work for a fashion magazine. Eventually I'd like to end up living on a mountain in France doing freelance work from my own studio. But we'll see what happens. Things never turn out like I think they will!" To check out more of her work click here.

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  1. she is great! love it, love her! I like the sound of living on the mountain in France.. maybe i'll do that too!


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