Marie-Louise's Pulse

 Marie-Louise, a senior at Providence College in RI, has style and talent. Aside from her studies she sells and designs clothes for Queen of Hearts, a one-of-a-kind consignment shop in downtown Providence. Marie-Louise created her website just under a year ago as a way to share and be inspired. Her blog shows her designs, her do-it-yourself projects, and her day-to-day styling. When asked about her clothing choices she states "I always seem to include something comfortable, something basic to work off of and something studded. From there, I create an outfit that reflects my current mood/inspiration. Lately I've been quite monochromatic." She has quite a Scandinavian-like style with her bold knits and classic layering. Either way, her style radiates cool. 

So she's got cool style, but her blog is much more. She's quite an inventor and creates  things that will inspire your attire. Her latest diy is fresh, no ripped jeans or spiky things. Instead, it's a black texturized leather vest. "It has a black scale-like pattern. I started with a grey vest and sewed on over 200 black leather circles which were cut out from extra pieces of leather. I punched holes at the top of the circles to sew them on but still have them hanging off the vest." A second skin and, as always, Marie-Louise's outfits look natural and classically thrown together. To check out more of her style and creations simply click here. 

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  1. I like this choice, the vest in the bottom pixs is fabulous. You picked agreat designer to feature here, well done!


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