Shelby Di Marco

Shelby Di Marco, an artist from Los Angeles, has quite a cult following. Both her film photography and her mixed media creations have gotten her acclaim with Greyhound Magazine and Urban Outfitters among others. With billowy shapes and hippy relaxation, her art and her style have a very Californian feel which she describes is "eclectic, earth toned, and flowy."
When asked how she became interested in art she states "I think it was the whole idea of freedom and the ability to create your own person through it." With over 300 followers her art is certainly something people can identify with. Currently, she works at Space 15 Twenty, an experiment by Urban Outfitters in West Hollywood.  There she resides within the creative department, something she's perfect for. "I see myself anywhere my art takes me." To see more of her work click here. 

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