Victoire Boutique

Victoire is one of the most stylish and fun places to shop in Ottawa. With a new location opening up in Westboro, we decided to ask the owners Regine and Katie about Victoire and what makes it so cool. We were able to get in touch with Regine who informed us about the beginnings of the store and what to look forward to in the future. 
Victoire was ultimately inspired by a dream. When asked about how Victoire began Regine states "We had been talking and dreaming about what our ideal store would be like since we met in high school. After years of talking about it, and on the cusp of graduating from university we decided to go for it.  We very quickly got all the pieces together and opened our first shop in a little space just down from where we are now. Besides a great dream and a really solid partnership, Victoire took a whole lot of hard work and the ladies of Ottawa to embrace what we were offering and support us in any way they could." And embrace it they did. Victoire is a store which carries mostly Canadian designers such as Dace, Mauve Naif, and Hand & Shadow. As Regine states "[Canadian designers] make it easy for us to stock the shop with so much that is made in Canada. When we first opened the shop, it wasn't really our intent to highlight so many Canadian designers...but with such amazing talent located so close to home, it made that decision easy!"
Bringing the cool back into Canada, Victoire is girly and quite vintage inspired. "We often use the tag line 'A rock'n'roll tea party' to describe the look, style and mostly feel of our shop. We want customers to feel really comfortable and inspired when they come into our shop. So we have really friendly sales staff, pieces for every budget from $10 scarves, to $220 dream dresses, and cozy furniture." Entering the shop is akin to experiencing a magical parlour room paradise. So check it out! To find out more about Victoire boutique simply click here. 

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