Zanita, a model from Australia, has killer style and a blog to go with it. Her clothing choices look effortless and have that mysterious ease which only those from Down Under seem to possess. When asked to describe her look she states that it remains "inconsistent and comfortable". Her favourite piece of clothing is a pair of high waisted mustard trousers which she picked up for a mere $3. This girl is definitely one natural beauty. 
When asked about how her blogging journeys began she states " A friend recommended I start a blog, I spent so much time researching fashion on the internet anyway it seemed like a fun way to collaborate my ideas." Her blog includes photo shoots, daily fashions, and interesting adventures. And where does this cool cat see herself in the future? Well, it doesn't really seem to matter. " As long as I'm happy and healthy I'm open to whatever comes along." To check out her blog simply click here. 

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