Fraeulein Zucker of Dear Diary

Fraeulein Zucker, a Visual Communications student currently studying at the University of Arts Berlin, makes a living drawing for others. As well, she also has a fantastic website featuring daily tidbits of her life with drawings to go with them. When asked to describe her art style she seems a bit ambivalent and states "I don't really know whether what I'm doing is art, and I don't really know how to describe what I'm doing at all! I like the term "professional craftster" though, ha! I guess a lot of people would say that my style is really playful and a bit childish or naive. That might be true to some point, but the cuteness is only one part of it. You could probably call it "cute but dangerous" or "cute on the outside, punkrock at heart" or something. But in the end it's you who name it, I just do what I do!" Yet, as a student of one of the most prestigious art schools, we seem to think that's she's got it all together. 
But applying to art school certainly wasn't an easy process. When told of her struggles it seemed to us like a competitive bussiness. "It really took me a long time to get in there. Anyone who thinks art/illustration/graphic design is easy money should be prepared for a big piece of work that is applying for art school, at least here in Germany. After I got rejected for the first time I kind of resigned and thought I should become a kindergartener or something... It seemed so much easier at that point. Thank god my family and friends insisted that this was the right thing for me to do, and I kept applying at several schools. Every school handles the process a bit different. At Udk Berlin (which is where I am now) you have to hand in a portfolio. Then they choose a few people to take a test, which consists of an interview with the staff and a task that focuses on your abilities and creativity (i hate to use that word, everyone is "so creative" these days!). From everyone who took the test they choose again, and if you are chosen then you are in." Sounds much harder than getting into my English and Art History Degree. 
After tackling this system it seems she can do anything and she's certainly happy about her decision. "Still, even if the last [reply] didn't sound like it, I really like going to artschool! It is such a privilege, especially when you consider that only 10 % of all the people who apply at artschool every year are actually accepted. I guess my favorite thing about art school is that you meet really nice people that you share a lot with, that inspire you and that you can exchange experiences with! You also learn how that whole business works, which is sometimes really frightening, but also very helpful of course." And where does this bright young thing see herself in the future? "I really don't know. I'd like to be always searching, never arriving. I hope that I never get tired of what I'm doing now, but who knows? I probably end up working with children or in a library... I just know that when I grow up I want to live near the sea!" Quirky and fascinating, you can check out more of her art by clicking here. 

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