Music Review - Delorean

Delorean is a spanish 4 piece band originating from the Basque country, but now located in Barcelona. Theyve been around a while, and even started out playing some emo/punk stuff believe it or not, but they finally gained some hype after the release of their EP"Ayrton Senna" back in May 09'. Their poppy and happy sound always reminds me of a sunny summer day haha. Its just light and fun with some great beats; not to mention the accents. They can't not cheer you up with their recognizable sound.

Take a listen to their hit "Deli" and a pretty amazing mixtape[which they've made available for download]:

As well as making their own music, they make some pretty great remixes and have put their spin on some great artists including The Teenagers, Franz Ferdinand, and The Mystery Jets. You can download their most recent remix of "Islands" by The xx here off their blog.

They recently announced their upcoming full-length album entitled "Subiza", which will be out March 15th. Until then, theyll be touring with Miike Snow [which I will hopefully be catching in early April], jj and Lemonade.

Feel free to check them out at their MySpace or their FaceBook.

-Laura Schütte. [more from me here]

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