Classic Book Review: The Artist in His Studio

This masterpiece of a book, written by Alexander Liberman, has been a favourite of mine for most of my student years. Filled with insights into the lives of artists, it is a work which really delves into the creative process. This book, while still a favourite of mine, has some flaws. After reading this book for the third time I came to realize something I hadn't noticed before. "Wait a moment, there are only two female artists featured in this book. There are thirty-two artists featured and only two are female. One, at that, was only featured with her also-happened-to-be-an-artist husband." It's too bad. Liberman's book has been praised for decades as a showcase of the contemporary artists of his period, yet less than 0.7% of the artists featured were female. This truly is a book about the artist in his studio. A worthwhile read but I wish Liberman had added more female artists.

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