Claudia Wu of Me Magazine

Claudia Wu, the editor-in-chief of Me Magazine, is definitely one independent spirit. She studied Graphic Design at RISD and decided the usual route of internships weren't for her. Along the way to her position she's worked for Visionaire and V Magazine. Afterwards, she went on to work at a variety of ad agencies and magazines until she became Design Director at Index Magazine. With all her variety of experience she started Me Magazine. And what is Me Magazine? It's a creative focus on an individual, as Wu states, "I think what makes Me Magazine different from other publications is that it focuses on one person and their circle of friends. I think it gives readers a more complete picture of our guest editor's lives than other publications have the space to give them. Me Magazine has that luxury because it has no other agendas than to celebrate and capture a kind of portrait of one person's life. It's like a mini biography."

With editions on creative types such as the Rodarte sisters and Philip Lim, Me Magazine is something people go after. Yet the creative process seems surprisingly down to earth. As Wu states about her experience, "I think my arms are a lot stronger from carrying heavy boxes". Along with the physical labour Me Magazine is Wu's creative release yet her favourite part of working for the magazine is "meeting really nice people and hopefully making at least a small difference in their lives". With the latest issue on chef Melia Marden, Me Magazine promises an even brighter future. To check out more of this fantastic mag click here.

[photo credit : teenVOGUE and ME Magazine]


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