Music Review - Goldfrapp

The always awesome English electro duo Goldfrapp is back with another great album, "Head First".

"Head First" offers that great pop music with plenty of 80's inspiration as we've come to expect from Goldfrapp. With that said the new album is nothing surprising, but its full of plenty of great tracks thatll make you want to sing your lungs out and dance around in some legwarmers.

Stand out tracks for me are the very danceable "Shiny Warm", the peaceful "Voicething", and of course their catchy new single, "Rocket":

[The back up dancers have some pretty amazing jean vests.]

You can preview all the tracks at [their site], top left.

Though I did like this new album, for me, it just doesnt compare to the older ones, in paticular 2005's "Supernature" and their absoutly brilliant debut back from 2001, "Felt Mountain". It was definetly enjoyable and fun, but it was nothing new and exciting.

I loved "Felt Mountain" for how beautiful and strange it was. I found all the tracks off the album to be just spectacular, but songs like the entrancing and surreal title track, "Felt Mountain" and the cabaret styled "Oompa Radar" were really special.

And of course who can forget how much fun "Supernature" was with hits like "Ohh La La" and "Ride A White Horse" [and its hilariously disturbing video].

So yes, "Head First" was a good album, but come on Goldfrapp, surprise us next time!

-laura schütte. [more from me here]

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  1. thnx for sharing! gonna check the song out! ive never heard of this band before and i love electro pop music!!!

    xoxo jenna


this is the hook, you like it.