Music Review - Gorillaz

Gorillaz, everyones favourite virtual band, are finally back after their hit album Demon Days back in 2005! The highly anticipated new album, Plastic Beach was realeased just a few days ago and it definetly does not dissapoint.

Gorillaz stay true their unique musical style, bringing back plenty of hip hop, pop, and electronica, with some great twists. Many of the tracks are very relaxing, some even live up to the beach theme, especially "To Binge" featuring Little Dragon (who also supplies additional vocals in the track "Empire Ants"), but theres also some fun songs to contrast that such as the hilarious track "Superfast Jellyfish. In addition to all the guest appearences from the likes of Snoop Dog, Lou Reed, Mos Def, Mike Jones, Bobby Womack and many more, we are blessed with Damon Albarn's beautiful voice as always, and boy does he ever deliver.

A definite stand out track for me is "White Flag" featuring Bashy, Kano, and The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music, the arabic intro is amazing, and coupled with the rapping make it a really unique and fun track. The title track, "Plastic Beach" featuring Mick Jones and Paul Simonon, was also one I loved from the first listen, its really just beautiful haha.

But honestly, I found all the tracks to be fantastic. Theres a great mix of mellow slow tempo songs with Albarn's amazing voice along with some fun, crazy hip hop and pop type songs as well. Something for everyone, and every mood.

The whole album is available for streaming [here], as well as a track by track guide given to us by Murdoc available [here].

And as always with any Gorillaz album everything is completly interactive on their fantastic website: You can sign up and play the new "Plastic Beach Adventure Game", which I have yet to complete. Part of the fun about them being an animated band is following the crazy plotline about the interesting characters.

-laura schütte. [more from me here]


  1. gorillaz are a definite favorite

    the crumpet girls

  2. an old school favorite, will definitely be checking out their new album


this is the hook, you like it.