My Friend Jeremy From SPAO

I met this boy while attending a photography workshop during the Summer of 2008. It took place at SPAO (the School of Photographic Arts of Ottawa) and lasted three months. The school is great; their small classes offer intensive one-on-one work with some remarkable teachers from all over the world. It has a down to earth vibe with a mix of New York radness. Jeremy is now a full time student there and his work continues to impress me. Here are some of his works using his Holga camera. Check out more of the school and their courses on photography by clicking here


  1. you're on the holga tip now too, n'est pas?

  2. i wish! but i havent gotten myself one yet... taylor could'nt find them for my bday haha! Lee has one though and it's been fun to try it out


this is the hook, you like it.