Book Review: The Sartorialist

Though Scott Schuman's book came out a while ago we still had to check it out and give it an overall coolness rating. Full of gorgeous photos this book is definitely one to keep as reference. Yet, if you are a follower of the blog, the print edition is a bit too much of the same. To be honest, I was expecting something more. I wanted to find out about the person behind the camera and have more insights into how he takes his shots and why. The book had very little description and ultimately failed to be anything other than the blog in book format. So much more could have been done with the book. The photos are stunning but for free you can see it all on the website. Ultimately, the book fails to be worthwhile. 

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  1. i still really enjoy it though. i get where you're coming from, but sometimes having something this pleasant in concrete form is nice too. haha while i find that it serves as the perfect coffee table, i also ended up bringing it to my hair cutters and stuff a few times too haha.


this is the hook, you like it.