Music Review - Caribou

After 3 long years we finally get to hear from the fantastic Caribou once again with the release of his latest album Swim.

Formerly known as the artist Manitoba, Daniel Victor Snaith has been mor popularly known as the talented Caribou (after being forced to change the name of his act). Coming from London, Ontario, this Canadian musician graces us with some amazing electronic beats and a beautiful soft and haunting voice. His music really sets the mood whether it makes you feel happy, sad, and, most of all, inspired.

My stand out track for him in general would have to be the masterpiece "Irene". It feels so empty, and so full of emotion at the same time; the best "chill out" mellow track I've ever heard.

But back to this latest album, Im finding theres more energy in these tracks than from what I've heard from him before. The music seems more intense. You can give the tracks a listen for free here.

Giving it more listens now I am finding this album to definetly be a grower, at first I thought I was dissapointed with it, being such a big Caribou lover, but I really do enjoy this album after all. Caribou is a genius and makes some beautiful tracks, and who am I kidding, theyre always hard to resist. The whole thing offers most of the same old Caribou style with a bit more dancibility, so no complaints there.

My stand out tracks for this album: "Kaili", "Leave House", and the closing track, "Jamelia". But I also enjoyed the single "Odessa" which was released for download some time ago [and available for download here]:

All in all I guess I wasn't let down by Caribou after all, and Im dissapointed in myself for thinking he did. He is definetly an amazingly talented musician, cant wait to hear more from him, even if it takes another 3 years.

-laura schütte. [more from me here]


  1. love this band!!!!
    going to see them at babylon on may 4th! they're playing with toro y moi, another great band, check them out!

  2. LUCKY! Saw that event, and it sounds amazing, but sadly Im not 19, and finding an ID for me is hopeless [though im doing a 18+ show in MTL on the weekend], but of course I love Toro Y Moi, Blessa is TO DIE FOR, I can honestly say Ive just put it on repeat over and over again haha, tell me how he is live, some times he goes acoustic I hear

  3. he's really good! great canadian talent! thanks for sharing!

    please check out my blog!


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