The Return of the Favourite: U Magazine

U Magazine is an online mag from Brazil focused on fashion, youth and people. Established in 2006 this magazine has been raging on the interweb and is available to all for free. What makes U Mag different is it's ability to continually give fierce and thought provoking editorials issue after issue. When I first came across U Mag the establishment was still it its beginnings and focused on using computer technology to create art. Photoshop was used to the greatest I've ever seen it with a focus on combining photos without the usual beauty touchup. U Mag feels raw in ways which most magazines seem to lack. What use to make NYLON so cool is what has stuck with U Mag since the beginning. As such, I would suggest that one start at the beginning when going through their online archives and then watch to see how they grew. To check out more of U Mag click here.
[photo credit - U_MAG]

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