Caribou and Toro Y Moi - Live

These two bands played on May 4th at Babylon in Ottawa. It was a fantastic show. I was looking forward to seeing them live and was definitly not disappointed. The careless and intense drumming of Caribou, mixed with the flute and tambourine was super impressive. Toro Y Moi's electronic keyboard sound was too good and blew my mind away. I couldn't have asked for a better night to start off the summer. Here are some tentative photos taken during and after the show.

ps: here is a quick hello to the boys of Toro Y Moi, I hope you're having a good time traveling across Canada! It was great hanging out with you guys!

This is the first song that hooked me on to this amazing band. Enjoy the sights of Paris circa 78 at the same time!


  1. jealous to no end my dear, Caribou and Toro Y Moi are deifnetly a couple of talented, genius musicians of our time, really wish I could have made this one :( I hear Chaz from Toro Y Moi is a really cool and friendly guy too haha

    ps. hes got the sweetest specs eh?

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this is the hook, you like it.