Book Review - Avedon Fashion

Avedon's book is definitely one to pick up this summer. The pictures inside are placed chronologically in order and demonstrate a thorough overview of his talents in photography. His avant guard shots are placed side by side with his more dramatic vogue shots. Everything is there in typical Avedon style. Everything, that is, except for his story.  As with many of the fashion books to come out lately, only the outcomes of an artist's work have been presented. It's as if the work comes out of a vacuum. The context isn't there and the works are only made valuable through their superficial appeal. Where did these shots come from? Just as one analyzes a work of art through it's context, that is what should be valuable about fashion. On that note, this book missed the mark. Still, the pictures alone bring one back to decades which they never lived through and is full of inspiration.

**** Four stars

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