Event - Hand Down Your Pants May 8th 2010

Looking for vintage clothes and jewelry in Ottawa? This sale went down on may 8th at Mcnabb skate park. Even though it was a rainy day, it was a success! The after-party continued at Babylon nightclub where they kept selling amazing finds and where it was possible to do some drinkin & shoppin. Miss D'Angelo definitely organized a great event! There was even homemade cupcakes and cookies baked by her roommate Claire! The event will probably be happening again, so go get yourself some cheap finds. For more information and to see more pictures check out http://handdownyourpants.tumblr.com.


  1. sweeeet. i had actually wanted to go to that so badly !
    ah well, next time :)

  2. Stunning photos!

    I grew up in Ottawa but haven't been in forever. These pics make we want to go visit!



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