Artist Spotlight - Nirrimi of We Live Young

Nirrimi describes herself as personally a youth photographer and professionally a fashion photographer. At only 18 years of age, she's one of the youngest people to photograph for such a large campaign as Diesel's "Be Stupid". Recently she photographed their ad campaign for Fall/Winter 2011 and is moving up from her blogging beginnings. But back to where she began. When asked about the start of We Live Young she states "I needed another outlet. I'd started blogs but they never stuck, but then I created We Live Young and the support was too intense to just let it die." The focus of her site demands that intense response. Her focus on the real is both romantic and down to earth. Nirrimi takes beautiful photographs and writes just as beautiful words.
When asked about her interest in photography Nirrimi states "I love seeing the look on peoples faces when they see the pictures I take. I can make things beautiful. I look for a wild beauty, something real not forced." Her photos take people in their natural setting and are infused with life. The response has been positive. As she states "the feedback was overwhelming. through my blogs and my other websites, I've gained a crazy amount of exposure." The recent Diesel campaign is only one example of this. Right now Nirrimi is working in Sydney, Australia but as she states "I don't have a home, I'm a gypsy and am in a new place every week." And where does she see herself in the future? "In the blue mountains, or somewhere equally as wild and fascinating with my children, living off the royalties from my books and my exhibitions. Going on adventures, taking some of the most real and beautiful photographs and films." To see more of her work and words click here.

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  1. great article! she's got a fantastic style... (speaking of australia, have you guys seen She's fab too!




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