Blogger Spotlight - Brittany of Style + Substance

Brittany De Fehr from Vancouver, recently featured in Vanity Fair, has a keen sense of fashion. Studying Fashion Business and Arts she created the website Style and Substance which features everything from fashion photos to inspiring quotes. When asked about her website she states "style + substance is really a blog of juxtaposition. None of the photos or quotes or songs belong together so I think that's it's appeal. I'm really open minded and I'm literally into everything and that's very apparent on my blog. The name style + substance sums up my blog entirely, and I've always balanced out my disgusting collection of ugly Lindsay Lohan candids with an equal amount of genius quotes from people like Aristotle and Deepak Chopra." Brittany's blog contrasts constantly between light and dark, beautiful and ugly, and this is what makes her blog inspiring.

As the name suggests, the website is one of style and substance. Brittany describes her style and something that is always evolving and changing. "My style is always progressing and I'm never really satisfied with it. I always like a baggy shirt with skinny pants and chunky heels, but the past year I've lived in muted colors and army jackets, always verging on sloppy with messy bed hair. Lately I've been obsessing over straight hair and pastel pinks so I've kind of gone full circle. " Yet for inspiration she turns away from fashion. As she states "I get more inspired by the capabilities of these crazy smart people living amongst us than by art or fashion or anything else."

As one Canadian to another we asked her about what is missing from the Canadian fashion scene that causes us to lag behind so many other countries. "Canada is incredibly cultural, which is one of the things that makes us so great. We have the potential but we don't have the exposure. Canada is too quiet. We stay out of controversy, we don't put ourselves at risk and we always stay below the radar. We want to keep everyone happy. Canadian television and publications are extensions of that mentality. Our country doesn't challenge anything and neither does our fashion. We wear what everyone else is wearing because it's safe. There are a plethora of talented and fashionable people in Canada and I certainly don't want to disregard them, but I'm always disappointed by content published in our big name fashion magazines. " Our magazines missed her but American Vanity Fair definitely took notices. Picked upon many as one of their top blogs she states she was "ecstatic when it became a reality and I saw my name in Vanity Fair. It's been my favorite magazine for as long as I can remember so to hear that they read my website had me over the moon. "

And where does Brittany see herself in the future? "I see myself busy and working on the fashion / design industry. My plan is to move to New York city next summer, just for 6 months to get a taster and gain some work experience. I love Vancouver but the opportunities aren't here. I'd love for that to change, and I've love even more to be the driving force of that change, but only time will tell. " To check out Style + Substance click here.


  1. a successful canadian blogger! im always on the lookout for this, its refreshing.


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