Blogger Spotlight - M'c kenneth Licon of Little Fashionisto

M'c kenneth Licon, an Interactive Design student from Vancouver, is one of the most fashionable males I've ever seen. He describes his style as "fun, playful, and a classic mix with modern pieces". When asked how he began his website Little Fashionisto he states, "It started as an online space for me to practice my graphic-design skills and, at the same time, keep track of the runway pieces and fashion houses that I love. Little did I know it would turn into an online Fashion-diary of my everyday looks outfits."
When asked about the state of the Canadian fashion scene M'c kenneth responded "Canadians are very laid back, casual, active and very outdoorsy. I mean not that there's something wrong with that but in terms of Fashion scene in the world, Vancouver can be a bit more clever with mix-n-matching casual with dressy pieces. I mean you can dress up a basic cotton sweatshirt with a dark-denim jeans and a great oxford/sneakers... just because you are wearing sweatpants, it doesn't necessarily mean you should wear runners with it too." He definitely sticks out from the ordinary with his classic yet adventurous style. And where does he seem himself in the future? "I would like to be either working on my own clothing line -- which would cater to smaller guys like myself -- or in Europe working in the magazine publishing/styling world." To check out more of his creative style click here.


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