Kate Bellm: Queen of the Lens

London born, Berlin based photographer Kate Bellm is fast becoming my (current) all time favourite photographer. Bellm's widely appealing photography style has been published everywhere from Nylon and Vice to Tatler and GQ; an amazing feat considering she is only in her early twenties.

Standing out from the sea of washed out images of barely there models looking deflated and strung out, Bellm's photography has an almost Pop Art feel to it with its vibrant, punchy colours, looking like the HD TV has been maxed right up. Her choice of bad girls have bags of flair (and often bags of hair to boot) with plenty of attitude, conjuring the feeling the girls themselves could perhaps be the ones in control, with Bellm expertly capturing a stolen moment of madness and chemistry between the model and herself; much different to the usual uninspring and vulnerable waif staring wide-eyed down the lens.

On browsing through Bellm's work, I arrive at subtle juxtapositions which, shouldnt but do, work beautifully of wild and feral women who evoke a feeling of being so free, yet at the same time appear so composed and elegant in their dazzling haute couture and often cosmopolitan surroundings. Her images exude sex appeal but most importantly
fun, with her penchant for gun weilding vixens, barely legal temptresses and sugary sweet looking girls who dont be fooled, could pack a serious punch when vexed, all laid bare in such a light, playful way which seems so raw and natural. Amongst the fashion drones, Bellm is a breath of fresh air.


this is the hook, you like it.