Fashion Spotlight: Alexa Chung

This girl as been seen everywhere for the past few years. From blogs to the fashion world, everyone agrees that her effortless style is always on the dot. The fashion news director for Teen Vogue has even stated that Alexa Chung is becoming the new Kate Moss of this generation.
One of my favorite aspect of Alexa Chung is that she dresses for herself. For her MTV show, she never required a stylist. She would come to work wearing a mix of her own vintage items, like high-waist Levi’s denim shorts, Chanel booties, an old T-shirt or a baggy sweater.To the amazement of any vintage lover (like me), Alexa Chung has come up with a new show called "Thrift America". She'll be going through the country's consignment shops, garage sales and flea markets to look for the best finds in clothing, accessories, furniture and other potential treasures. The show is set to start showing next summer. This is really exciting. Here is a video that features Alexa at a photoshoot for Madewell Fall 2010:

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  1. I saw that profile of Alexa in The New York Times and it perked my interest. I'm definitely enthused about her new TV show: like most fashion-bloggers, I thrift frequently. It's a subject the media has ignored.


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