Artistic Spotlight - Ann He

Ann He, a 15-year-old from Dallas Texas, takes dreamy shots of youths in romantic settings. For cameras, she sticks to her digital Canon EOS 400D and 35mm film SLRS, a Minolta XG-m and Canon Rebel 2000. She created her website and started posting her photos in order to spread her work. The feedback she has received has been positive. As she states, "Especially since this summer I've been getting tons of positive feedback. People from Europe and South America send me mail, and it's exhilarating".
To create her photos she looks for certain things. These include light, expression, colours, and composition. Her favourite subject to photograph is people. Her images seem to always include people and personalities. When asked about her current projects she states "I'm actually setting up tests and editorial shoots with models to expand my fashion portfolio. Hopefully I'll be able to approach agencies after some time." With results like this there's no doubt they'll be impressed. And where does she see herself in the future? " No idea, to be honest. I'm actually planning for med school, but I'll definitely change courses if the fashion industry opens up for me." At fifteen, she has loads of time. To check out more of Ann's work click here.


  1. wow this is gorgeous! great website btw

  2. i adore photos like this....raw, romantic, dreamy and slightly unstyled. Very pretty.


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