Blogger Spotlight - Justyna of Chichichic

Justyna, owner of the soon-to-be-launched online shop, has very classic style. When asked to describe her look she states "I like pieces from every decade. Generally, I prefer vintage to new, I suppose the running thread in my style is lady like sensibility? Anything with a vintage touch, romantic edge, sometimes less is more. Never trendy though. I'm pretty sure I'm quite off base when it comes to trends." Her favourite places to shop in Ottawa are The Ottawa Antique Market and the White Monkey for home decor. And where does she see herself in the future? "Lots and lots of travel. I'm about to embark on a new chapter, (new business, upcoming marriage), both me and my fiance are self employed, and we're hoping to spend our lives venturing around the world... who knows what the future will bring." To see more of Justyna's style click here.


  1. Love! I am really happy for her. I don't even know her, just through the blogoshphere and she's been so supportive! and as a fellow Polak i feel nothing but pride <3 woooo!!!

  2. She's described her style accurately, but readers here should truly go SEE for yourselves.


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