Blogger Spotlight - Maddison

Maddison, a 17 year old photography student from San Diego, is the author of the blog Fiction Living. Within her blog, she reports on her daily fashions and events while living in Britain. When asked about the start of her blogging experience she states "I have always been interested in fashion and photography and wanted to make a site to showcase my love for both, and hopefully inspire others." Her fashion style is rather eclectic and, though she picks rather neutral colours, she loves to experiment with textures and shapes.
Maddison uses her Canon Rebel XS to take beautiful photographs. In her free time she likes to take walks and photograph the people and places she comes across. Her sister, a fashion student, is one of her greatest style influences and tends to be a feature of many of her photos. To check out more of Maddison's style and work click here.

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