Blogger Spotlight - Sarah of The Stylish Heart

Sarah, a trainee accountant from Norwich, has the cutest style I've ever seen. Her fashion blog The Stylish Heart features her daily style which resembles the look of an adult Madeline. When asked to describe her look she states "I'd say it's quite British, I have a love for macs and loafers. It's girly with a bit of masculinity - lots of dresses with chunky boots." She's also been rocking a fringe for the past five years. One cannot get much cooler.
When asked about the influences of her style she states "other bloggers, Alexa Chung, and as I live in England.. the weather!" She started her blog because other bloggers looked like they were having so much fun. This goes well with her style which appears fun and fancy free. And where does she see herself in the future? "I really have no idea, and that's just fine! As long as I'm happy and healthy, I'm okay with not knowing right now." To see more of Sarah's awesome style click here.

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