Fashion Spot - Beacon's Closet, NY

Beacon's Closet is a clothing exchange store located in Brooklyn. The 5500 square foot of clothing/jewelry/randomness is a paradise for any vintage lover. Founded in 1997, the store has grown to become famous in and around New York. It has received an array of local and international press including features in Vanity Fair, the New York Times, Italian and French Vogue. So, next time you're visiting the big Apple, make sure you stop by Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's definitely worth the subway ride. To check their website, click here.


  1. cleo! amazing photos man. the mirror one is genius!

  2. I have wanted to shop at beacons closet for years! But ive never even seen a picture. the latest posts on here are awesome! keep it up lovelies.


  3. Rough day at Beacons closet. I have been a regular visitor of Beacons Closet since they opened their doors a few years ago near my abode in Chelsea. Other than the occasionally dismissive floor person attitude (as depicted in Broad City) I've traded there and shopped there many times without incident. Until today. Today, I was so rudely treated I dare never step foot in that store again sans an apology. I hadn't found anything to my liking and thought the spree a wash until I happened upon a designer bag I favored. As I waited while my friend
    tried on clothes, a shop girl approached me saying did I find that bag over there. Without really realizing where she was pointing or why she was asking, I said yeah. She proceeded to say that the bag I had was on hold for another customer. Realizing, I told her that it hadn't been on hold, I had found it on the floor. This is where things went awry. Instead of acknowledging that OK, yes maybe it wound up on the floor but it was supposed to be on hold and would I concede it back to the other customer, she commenced to insinuate that I had not found the bag where I said I had. She did this several times. Now, I could care less about the bag, I was too shocked that this disrespectful employee was questioning my integrity and disregarding my offense as a customer to be in so many words accused of lying, publicly! By this point our exchange had become a confrontation and I was thoroughly offended by the level of disrespect. Other staff came near including the self described owner of the store, Beth Moon. She immediately supported her employee who had been completely wrong and offered more cattiness and dismissiveness. She did not care what happened or that I was upset. One employee suggested we view the video surveillance of which I said, Yes! Please, view the tape and then come back to me with an apology. I implored them to view the tape? Confirm that I had been telling the truth and acknowledge how rude and disrespectful it is to accuse someone of being dishonest? This is how you treat your customers? We are dispensible? By this point they were making jokes, snickering, demanding me to leave, denying any wrong doing. Of course they did not view the tape. I was so incensed by their ill treatment. Not even the store owner, Beth Moon (I came to look up on the website) offered any fair or balanced consideration. I promised I would write a letter to headquarters. She said, well I will look forward to your letter. So I am instead writing this letter to the internet, hopefully someone holds them accountable for their disrespect and disregard. How you treat people matters more than anything else in this world, I won't be disrespected without consequence. Beacons, you need a wake up call, you tout being an all female company based in Brooklyn yet your were horribly degrading to long time women customer, this coming from a true Native New Yorker. Unacceptable and supremely wack.


this is the hook, you like it.