Photographer Spotlight - Alex Prager

I stumbled upon the group exhibition New Photography 2010 at the MOMA in New York and the one artist that caught my attention was Alex Prager. I was instantly fascinated by her style and focus. This L.A based artist was born in 1979. Inspired by William Eggleston, she started photography at the age of 20. Without any education in the art field, she has still managed to contribute to a number of publications such as Vanity Fair, New York Times, Tank and Nylon. Meanwhile, she continues to show her work in various galleries worldwide.
Her large format photographs are often reminiscent of the cinematic conventions of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. The retro vibe is present throughout her work. Bright colors and an unusual composition result in compelling images where there is a sense of mystery that remains unresolved. The scenes suggests old movie stills, where we are left to imagine for ourselves the missing passages. I had a hard time selecting photos that were representative of her work, so I highly recommend a visit to her fabulous website by clicking here.
Prager also directed the short movie Despair (2010) which is part of her exhibition at the MOMA.


  1. She is amazing!So excited you posted this!

  2. WOW! That first shot is so eerily pretty! Like movie stills from a Hitchcock film...


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