Ottawa Fashion Week 2010

I got the opportunity to check out Ottawa Fashion Week at the end of october and it was definitely worth it. I caught the shows: Sugarbum Designs, Yola Couture, Soltys & Snajdr and Adrian Wu. It was super fun. Unfortunately, all the photos I took came out blurry (a photographer's nightmare) because of my stubbornness against using digital. But, I'm lucky to have a good friend who let me post his amazing photos. Andrew Szeto has a sweet website.Check it out by clicking here.

All the shows were impressive, but the one that really caught my attention was Adrian Wu on sunday night. It was poetic, timeless and romantic. The lights were dimmed down, it gave a dreamy atmosphere to the runway. The music in the background was also surreal and absolutely perfect for the show. Here is the video of the song. And check out the designer's website by clicking here.

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