Blogger Spotlight - Ania B.

Ania from Calgary has modeled in Paris, Tokyo, and New York and has wicked style to boot. Her fashion blog features quips from her daily life and beautiful photos. When asked about how her blog began she states " We started doing a lot of creatives with my friend and photographer extrodinare Jason Eng. Unfortunately Calgary is very conservative and there are not a lot of places that are easy to submit, with ongoing frustrations as to what we should do with all our work I created my blog I was fascinated with the possibility of laying everything out (like in a magazine) myself and being in total control of the content. It started off mainly focusing on my inspirations from daily living but it evolved into being mainly about fashion. " The pictures within her blog look right out of a magazine and are full of inspiration.
Her style is very fashionable yet she can go from trendy to casual and still look amazing. When asked about her style Ania states "I am so very all over the place. I love black, I feel most comfortable in it but I also love dressing up. I don't think I have a set style as you would call girly or hipster... maybe trendy? I love following trends and try to stay on top of what's going on in magazines and on the runways. I know a lot of bloggers try to say they have individual style but really, looking around a lot of people take inspirations from each other and i'm not saying that's bad. I'm actually a big fan of it, it's easier to spot like minded people this way. It's amazing to know that in a city with so few fashion conscious people that there is a whole world of ones who get it. "
Calgary isn't exactly fashion central yet Ania and others are trying to change that. "I think there is amazing talent in Canada and there are a lot of people who really love and do fashion well. That said there is probably more of those people that really don't have a clue. It really sucks going to places like Amsterdam or London and seeing the city burst with style, but the good news is that even in places like that there are people who don't get it, so, if they, surrounded by fashion 24/7 don't know, we are not so bad off. I can speak from experience of being in Calgary, that the city's priorities are as far from fashion as can be. I get recognition everywhere else but here, it's quite disappointing, but blogs like are really trying to bridge that gap. I trully hope we can all collectively succeed together. "
Her favourite trend for this season is the oversized sweater. "I wait impatiently every year to get to wear those beautiful things (and then of course the winter is endless) but this year I got really into platform shoes. I never used to wear high heels until I started my blog, I always bought lots of them because of modelling and the occasional time when i'd use them for shoots. But those platform wedge shoes that became so popular this season are so comfortable I don't ever want them to go away (keep your fingers crossed)." To see more of Ania's awesome style click here.


  1. so lovely! so well deserved in the spotlight!

  2. <3 thank you so much for the feature. Love your blog

  3. Congrat's Ania!! I'm in love your blog chickie :)


  4. I was so glad to find another great fashion blogger from Alberta!! The blog-world is truly special, and I enjoy visiting so many of them and seeing everyone's take on style and fashion from around the world!

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