Blogger Spotlight - Spencer of ProprPostur

Spencer, a student in Fashion Marketing from Ottawa, has an eclectic and vintage style. The name ProprPostur comes from his definition of posture. Posture defined as: A frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behaviour; an overall attitude as well as a characteristic way of bearing one's body. When asked to describe his style Spencer states "I would describe my style as very open. I always like to experiment and try new things. As well as mix and match different styles and looks together and try and add my own personal flare to it. I tend not to limit myself".
In Ottawa, his favourite places to shop are the thrift stores and the boutiques through the Byward Market, a chic part of town. When asked about Canadian fashion Spencer states "Canadian fashion is great especially out in Montreal. Montreal stands out to me mainly because there is such a vibrant culture throughout the city. Which seems to be what many Canadian cities lack. Designers should never be afraid to be different and to experiment , never close yourself within a box or the norm". Spencer is a big fan of layers, combat boots, and overall military chic, and it suits him well. To see more of his awesome style click here.


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