Book Review - David Wilson

Little Paper Planes is a publishing company that creates an online presence and community for artists. With a blog, artist directory, and many meet'n'greet interviews, the site is full of inspiration and paper you can get your hands on. Their website includes zines, books, artwork, and stationary all created by independent sources. Recently I purchased a LPP book with the artwork of David Wilson. For only $10 it was pretty awesome.
As the LPP website states "This is part of the first book series from Little Paper Planes. The books were released in conjunction with the second LPP curated show, "Buddy System" at Rare Device in San Francisco. Each book is 5 x 8in, color cover and about 30 black and white pages inside. We let each artist have complete control for the inside, though kept each cover uniformed to be collected in a series." Each book has an online preview so you can pick which of the bunch you'll love.
This particular book in the series was really beautiful with intricate drawings of nature. The pieces are really detailed and fun to try and recreate. For any beginner artist, I would suggest getting this book and trying out the drawings for yourself. To see more about David Wilson's book click here.

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