Book Review - Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals is a new zine by Swedish artist Ragnar Persson. The zine is self-published but is sold on HUH Magazine's website. HUH Magazine's online shop features a variety of of cool magazines including Cabins & Woods and Guide to Unique Photography Magazine, who I blog for when I have a spare moment. But more than any of the other zines, Ragnar Persson's artwork looks the most naturalistic. Hence the title Nocturnal Animals. He includes the coffee stains and the marked out errors and it all only adds to the effect of looking through an artists sketchbook.
Much like the artistic zine by David Wilson, Persson's zine is fun to imitate. The drawings are detailed and, though they take hours to recreate, are wonderful guides on how to draw fur and scales. To check out Persson's artwork click here.

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