Artistic Spotlight - Nancy Zhang

Nancy Zhang is an illustrator and photographer currently attending OCAD in Toronto. What struck me about her work is the detail. Illustration has become a new interest of mine after reading the Gutenberg Quarterly and it's a media that seems to keep getting more and more amazing. When asked about her work Nancy states "I love working with pen and ink. That graphic yet very organic flow in line works can be so beautiful and that’s what engages me to continue working with that medium. Just recently I’ve started to get into acrylics and gouache as well, just having fun experimenting with layers and colours." Her work reflects this interest in line and detail to a great extent.
The themes in her work are often abstract. As she states "With school assignments, it’s all about meanings and illustrating a point. I get very tired of that, so I choose to let loose and draw things at random that don't necessarily have to make sense, simply visually appealing or interesting." Her next project is to branch out into fashion. A fashion blog with a unique concept. "Currently I’m still in the planning stage. My focus would be simple, photograph what students and regular folks along the street wear on the daily bases, not intentionally look for fashionistas or people that’s considered “trendy”. I think it’d be nice to showcase a variety of looks, even if a person is covered in black from head to toe, somewhere out there another individual can relate to that and sees the appeal in the look. My goal is contribute to the community and try to put myself out there and gain more insights." We're excited to see how it all turns out. To check out Nancy's work click here!

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  1. Wow, what a talented artist! x


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