Book Review - Bad Day Magazine

Bad Day Magazine is a quarterly publication from Toronto. I started picking up this magazine mostly because of the awesome design. Each issue is monochrome to a single colour shade, this issue is all purple. Yet the inside is full of interviews with artists who have interesting thoughts. My personal favourite is an interview with Shary Boyle, who I first found out about at the National Art Gallery's new exhibit "It Is What It Is". Her porcelain figures are disturbing and at the same innovative (her most famous one is a figure with a woman's legs and the upper body of a penis). Bad Day is known for it's choice of unique artists. Disturbing, creepy, yet wonderful all at once. As their about page states, "The name is meant to subvert a negative concept through the positive impact of art; good things are found in the pages of a Bad Day." That's the way I see it to0. To find out more about Bad Day click here.

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