Book Review - The Gutenberg's Quarterly: A concern on illustration & surroundings

The Gutenberg's Quarterly is a magazine primarily about illustration. This issue features interviews, artist profiles and "a bunch of good work". As the back of the magazine states "Illustrators: Their ways of life, studios, pets, meals, and of course, their work." This fourh issue of The Gutenberg's Quarterly closes Volume 01 with great european interviews wich will let your mouths wide open. Some contributors include Sasha Grey, Kristian Hammerstad, and even Tanya Johnston of Montreal.
For me, it was interesting to see art from the illustration perspective, a medium that is so often ignored in discussions of art today. There is also a multi-media aspect to the magazine as well. Illustrations go alongside photos and collages. The one fashion shoot has the model photoshopped out so that you only see her hair and her clothes.
The magazine is very web friendly. It's a print edition but "The Next 26 G'sQ Rated Concerns" section of the magazine is full of websites to go visit to see awesome art or other awesome publications. I also enjoy the chill feel of the writing. It's very laid back and just plain cool. As the back of the magazine states "Freaking out? Buy this magazine and take a nap by the pool!" I would definitely agree. Check out The Gutenberg's Quarterly by clicking here.

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