Music Review - Oh Land

Just found out about Oh Land and had to fill you in. As her website states she is a product of extremes. "A disciplined ballet dancer who was educated with the Royal Danish and Royal Swedish Ballet schools coupled with a 'circus-like' upbringing courtesy of a family of creative souls. Their unique and individual talents have left deep imprints on how Oh Land experiences and interprets the world around her." She has created a soundscape that dreams as hard as it dances. Her performance style confronts the audience with elements as sonically and visually diverse as drum pads, an omnichord, and a front projector system that broadcasts homemade visuals across balloons. She's rocking and I suggest you check her out.

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  1. I love her! She's so talented and her songs are so catchy. Seeing her on the 8th in NYC and I can't wait. If you're a fan, check her videos out on VEVO. So good!


this is the hook, you like it.