Susan Feindel at the Ottawa Art Gallery

Last Thursday I went to the opening of Susan Feindel's exhibition 'See Below' at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Feindel is an artist from Nova Scotia who uses Indian ink to demonstrate environment. In this installation, which goes on until April, she focuses on the ocean. Her works contain a cool mix of organic and geometric shapes. Blended Indian ink shapes are overlayed with geometric patterns and forms. My favourite part of this installation was use of light and dark. In the first part of the installation Indian ink drawings with tiny holes are backlit, which gives the works a really cool effect. In the second room viewers are encouraged to use a flashlight to look at her works on the floor while music goes on in the background. Overall the exhibition creates an interesting atmosphere and this was the most memorable aspect of my visit. To get a better understanding of the pieces check them out at the Ottawa Art Gallery or click here to get a description of the exhibition by the curators.

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