Artistic Spotlight - Erin McPhee

Erin McPhee has a fantastic graphic design portfolio online. To check out that aspect of her work click here. For me getting a look at the sketchbook, and process aspect of a work, is the most interesting. Erin is a third year illustration student at Sheridan College and her art is really beautiful. When asked about her art school experience she states "Art school and I have a tumultuous relationship- it pushes me, and I push right back. I was always an unrelenting perfectionist, and through my schooling I was able to learn the importance of making mistakes. I now believe you gain so much more from the process of creating work as opposed to fixating on the final outcome of your work. In this way, being in school has taught me that one's personal development and artistic development are intrinsically linked." The themes in her work are influence by what fascinates her. "I make artwork about the things I enjoy, or that which fascinates me. I’ve made infographics about hostelling to indulge my nomadic tendencies, and about tea, since that’s another passion of mine."

Erin started putting her work online for feedback. "A blog is a great platform to display your work when it is at it’s rawest, or in process and get critical feedback from a broad audience (classmates, fellow artists, etc.)." Being in school seems to take up most of her time but when she's not drawing she can usually be found hustling loose-leaf tea at her part-time job or enjoying a read. In the future she hopes to be working full-time in Toronto. "I would love to be working a steady job as a designer, doing illustration on the side, preferably I’ll be living in an apartment with big windows, and lots of plants." Sounds awesome. To check out her blog click here.

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