Artistic Spotlight - Franzisca Barczyk

Franzisca Barczyk is a freelance illustrator from Amsterdam who uses acrylics, inks, and monoprinting to create her works. During postproduction she uses photoshop or illustrator and, overall, she aims for a mix of shapes, textures, and a balance of colours. When asked about the themes in her work she states, "the themes range from personal to political or editorial views. A lot of my themes are based from scribbles in my sketchbook. The sketchbook becomes a diary. Other themes are more external and are based on the news. Like a photograph I like to capture a moment a reflection of the present. The approach becomes journalistic/ documentary." Barczyk attended OCADU in Toronto to study illustration. " I think the challenges in art school are equal to the positive and negative experiences. Overall I learnt a strong work ethic which I would consider a challenge in discipline and motivation but also a positive experience. Other challenges were patience, the art of practice, trial and error. Adapting to a new way of thinking, using metaphors as well as all experiences can become illustrations. Capturing those experiences and making them logical." When asked about what her future holds she states "In the future I would like to do a Master program in Visual Communication. I would like to integrate art more into the public space. The idea being to change perceptions and changing negatives into positives. I also see myself collaborating more with artists of different disciplines such as graphic design, music, film and fashion. I have a positive view of what art is capable of." With art like hers no doubt she'll go far. To check out her work click here.

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