Artistic Spotlight - Hyein Lee

Hyein is an illustrator and a motion graphics designer in Toronto. She completed an engineering degree from University of Toronto, an illustration degree from Sheridan College, and she is an MDes Candidate at OCADU. She is an illustration and motion graphics instructor at Sheridan College, OCADU and LIFT. When asked about her educational experiences she states "In engineering school, drawing comics was a guilty waste of time. But in art school, I got marks for it! It was too good to be true. I can't really remember challenges with school. For me, the biggest challege was making a decision to let go of my engineering career to study illustration amongst younger classmates." For her works she engjoys using scissors and glue. "I also love working with acrylic paints and block printing. As a mixed-media artist, it is hard to pick one favourite medium. I love experimenting." The themes in her artwork are usually a juxtaposition between cuteness and sombre. "My characters are often cute, furry monsters shedding tears and whatnot. I don't consciously go after sombre feelings, but often after I finish my artwork, I notice sadness in my characters. I think my characters draw empathic respones from my audience because of those qualities." This gives her artworks depth because too cute just gets annoying. But Hyein works are always interesting and usually stir up a giggle or two. In the future, she wants to work on some children's books, a graphic novel and art shows. We can't wait to see more. To check out her blog click here.

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