Artistic Spotlight - Jacqueline Pytyck

Jacqueline Pytyck makes illustrations and amazing ones at that. Her favourite mediums include, watercolour and graphite. She particularly enjoys watercolour. She states, "it has a mind of it's own. As a result, it's often rebellious and I like the challenge this evokes. I haven't published a lot of graphite work, but, it's something I do enjoy and aspire to do more of in the future." When asked about the themes present in her work she states that they describe the insecurities and monstrosities hidden from site. "I attempt to display these feared objects in a beguiling and decorative manner." This is a goal in which she definitely succeeds. Her works are creepy yet at the same time seductive.

The overall response to her work has been good. "I am gracious for the mixed responses. People have been generally supportive and accepting of my work and I appreciate that. I am always satisfied when a viewer is able to gather their own meaning or interpretation from a piece. I feel that artists should always leave space for the viewer's mind to roam." Pytyck started posting her work online in order to broaden her audience. "It's also a great way to share your portfolio with, not only art directors, but, family and friends. It's one big family fridge, the internet." And where does she hope to be in the future? "In the future, I want to be in the same place that I am now. I don't think I can ask for anything more than what I've already got. I don't plan on ever retiring; 'plan' being the operative word. I will be drawing until my pencil and hand turns into dust." That's good news for us. If you enjoy Pytyck's work as much as I do check out her website by clicking here.

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