Artistic Spotlight - Keita Morimoto

Keita Morimoto is a third year painting and drawing student at OCADU. His artworks are beautiful but my favourite aspect of his website is the ability to take a peek inside his sketchbook. His experience at OCADU has been a bit difficult overall yet learning from his peers and profs "has been the most precious gift I got from the school". His favourite medium to use is oil. "I love how colours blend with each other. The wetness of oil paints is also an eye candy for me." The most recent theme he's working with is "Unfamiliar Familiarity". As he states, "I usually make digital or traditional collages first and try to create a mystical space that resembles real environments but not in a direct way. They tend to imitate the textures, forms, tones and colours of real objects." People tell him different things about his work as he leaves them rather opened ended. "I try not to give too much information to my work so that the viewer, and even myself, can keep discovering new things." In the future he hopes to continue creating art. I hope he does too. To check out his website and his painitngs click here.

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