Artistic Spotlight - Ryan Briggs

Ryan Briggs rarely plans out rough drafts. As he states "My work is a visual journal of personal experiences and interests. I start a piece without preconceived ideas of a completed image. I draw freely, and ideas form through the process of practice." He incorporates friends, family, and a mix of pop culture imagery from television, movies, music, and video games. "In the process of experimentation, I am able to work uninhibited, and I never resist taking a piece further in fear of ruining it." His favourite medium to use is gouache. "I usually work up a watercolour wash, and use the gouach to add detail to areas. I recently started working in a larger scale with pastels. Similar to the watercolour wash in the gouache paintings, I use chalk pastel to draw in a composition, and detail the subjects with layers of oil pastels to add depth and vibrant colours." His work has been well received but, due to his process, there are restraints to his commercial work. "The limitations to my usual methods force me to change my approach. It's kind of a double edged sword as I have to defend staying true to my process most times as my artwork continues to go through many changes." He spends the majority of his time managing and apprenticing at a leather shop in kensington market. In his spare time he likes to DJ. To check out his mixes click here. But, more importantly, to check out his awesome art click here.

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