Artistic Spotlight - Sabrina Scott

Sabrina Scott, a freelance illustrator from Toronto, uses ballpoint pen and Windsor Newton inks to create mesmerizing illustrations. As she states "The themes in my work are usually centered on spirituality and nature; I use a lot of imagery informed by ethnobotany, patterns, textures, plants, animals, folklore, and the occult. My present love is shamanism, so the worldviews and ideologies of these varied indigenous practices trickle into my present body of work, though I'm also very heavily influenced by desert life, indigenous cultures, cacti, flowers, santeria, yoruba, and magic. I'm enthralled by the natural world and committed to preserving its beauty, and I hope that fascination comes through in my work." After looking through her work all these elements appear so clearly. It's all a mixture of electric colours with a focus on nature and magic.
When asked about the response to her work she states "It's been all over the place! Some won't give it a second glance because it's not their thing, and some people love it! Just like everything, you have some lovers and some haters, and nothing will ever make everybody happy. But the individuals who have spoken up about enjoying my aesthetic and ideas are so encouraging! I had the opportunity to exhibit at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition last summer, and many people spoke with me for half an hour, just raving about what they liked about my pieces, and to be honest this really helped me view my work with fresh eyes. Everyone who views my work brings something new to it, and I really love that conversation." In the future she hopes to publish art books, continue doing illustrations, and have her artwork featured in magazines. Scott is clearly on the right path as she began featuring her artwork online at 11 years old. If you enjoy her work as much as I, within the next few months she's going to be starting a 100-woodblock project which she's hope to publish in book format, and she has got a silkscreen project in the works where she'll be printing on some neat eco-friendly bags. In the immediate future she is going to set up an online store and riddle it with goodies. To check out her art click here.

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