Artistic Spotlight - Selena Wong

Selena Wong, a freelance illustrator from Hong Kong, loves to work with gouache. As she states, "I was introduced to gouache in my first year at OCAD and instantly succumbed to its creamy quality and concealing ability. I have been using it ever since, sometimes in combination with watercolour for its transparency, and pencil when I cannot achieve the utter softness of gouache." When asked about the themes in her work she finds herself inspired by her pet rabbit Lala who runs around her studio. "Animals, hair and nature are reoccuring elements when it comes to my personal paintings. I am always trying to capture a moment. My characters live on paper, inescapable and being closely observed, most of the time they are alone and look right into your eyes."
When asked about the response to her artwork she responds with a short anecdote. "When I exhibited my illustration series at The Artist Project: Untapped Emerging Artists Competition, a four-day event where you position yourself very close to your artwork so that you are up-close and personal for your audience. One of my fondest moments was when two adorable elderly ladies, eyes most likely fixed on the painting of a dismembered Girl Scout taxidermy holding a platter of cookies, arrived with sour looks on their face and uttered "tasteless". Yet another charming elderly lady, armed with a small magnifying glass, decided that the "tasteless" piece was her fravourite and the one that she would like to purchase." Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. To see more of Selena's artwork click here.

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