Music Review: Javelin's Canyon Candy

Javelin is a fun loving art-beat duo based out of Brooklyn, New York. Cousins Thomas Van Buskirk and George Langford originally garnered attention with their colorful live setup involving numerous painted boomboxes, each transmitting sound via FM radio wave. After the release of a few singles and the heavily circulated internet classic "Jamz N Jemz", they were signed to David Byrne's world music label Luaka Bop. Now comes their follow up to 2010's "No Mas", Canyon Candy, a trippy musical road trip through the Wild West of yesteryear.

Inspired by touring through the American Southwest, Javelin first sought out to offset their hectic high-energy shows, by crafting slow cowboys-by-the-campfire beats. Picture the likes of Madlib or J Dilla digging through old country-western records.

Canyon Candy doesn't pretend to be a fully-fledged album. At just over half an hour, as the title suggests, it is more of a delectable curiosity than fully-featured epic. Even the songs themselves often clock in at under two minutes, leading this listener to play out certain favorites over and over. See if you can't the resist melodic night-time desert yodel of "Cowpoke", or the purple setting-sun inspired "Saddles Sores". As the entire album alludes to Spaghetti Westerns of another dimension, I recommend you throw it on the sound system while cooking spaghetti for dinner one evening. You will be transported to the canyons of the Rio Grande, shootouts, showdowns, fresh spices and pasta, will dance together, beautifully.

Canyon Candy 10" is out as a on April 26th, Record Store Day, accompanied by a 12 minute video previwed below:

Canyon Candy Promo from Mike Anderson on Vimeo.


  1. MATT TAMBLYN!!! yeah baud. colors and everything are sooo beautiful. i wanna do a photoshoot like this. you're going to be in it.

  2. Johanna! I thought that looked like you...


this is the hook, you like it.