Music Review: Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes

When Lykke Li's debut album, Youth Novel, came out in 2008 I played it on repeat in my car and grooved to her soft voice and catchy beats for about six months. Since then, I have been getting my fix by listening to a collection of remixes and anxiously awaiting a follow up. Lykke Li's sophmore release, Wounded Rhymes, came out earlier this month and I have once again been made a fool of while belting out her tracks at red lights.
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In the three years since Youth Novel was released, Lykke Li has toured the world, drank a lot of whiskey, taken trips to the desert, and had her heart broken - and it shows. Wounded Rhymes has a much grittier sound than her debut, showcasing raw and powerful vocals we didn't get to experience with Youth Novel. There are some very sad moments on Wounded Rhymes. Tracks like 'Unrequited Love' and 'I Know Places' feel incredibly intimate, both songs feature strong vocals and honest lyrics paired with only the soft strumming of a guitar.

While it's obvious many of the songs on this album were penned during a period of heartbreak, fans of Youth Novel need not fret as Wounded Rhymes also offers its fair share of upbeat tracks featuring tribal drum beats and catchy choruses that you can easily dance to. Check out the video for her song 'I Follow Rivers' below, and click here to view Lykke Li's website.

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  1. great review! i was expecting the cd to be so good. i definitely don't regret purchasing it because it truly shows an evolution in her skills as a musician. on top retaining many elements from youth novels, i find lykke li also added new ones that make this album unique!


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