Photographer Spotlight - Yuli Sato

Yuli Sato is making head-waves in Montreal where she is currently studying fine arts at Concordia. It didn't take long for The Fashion Press to notice this photographer's beautiful poetic work, so we decided to have a little chat with her. Yuli is originally from Calgary, Alberta and fell in love with the art of photography at the age of 13 during a trip to Japan. She uses film cameras, such as the Minolta X-GM and always captures a dreamy atmosphere that is capable of mesmerizing the viewer.
Her favorite subject matter is people, she states "my work often deals with young women who desire to escape their banal world." Yuli is definitely successful at capturing scenes of fantasy and daydreaming. To continue reading the full interview with Yuli Sato, make sure to pick up our next issue of the magazine coming out on April 30th 2011. While patiently waiting, might as well indulge yourself by checking out her website, her blog or her flicker account by clicking here.
Side note: by checking out Yuli Sato's website, I stumbled upon a photo-shoot that she did for Birds of North America. The wonderful designer will coincidently be showing her spring/summer collection this Friday at Ottawa Fashion Week. Make sure to get your tickets, because they will sell out fast!


  1. love that you posted about yuli - ive been eyeing her work for a while since she photographed my friend sofia on her so excited to see the new issue! My mom finally mailed the previous issue to my place in montreal and its great! thanks so much for sending it lee.



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